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Route 66 Daily Readings

Route 66 Group Discussion Guide

Series: Route 66

Sermon: Isaiah

Date: August 24th


Key Bible Passages:



Discussion Questions


1. God is Holy. Isa 6. Most of us consider ourselves to be good people. When compared to God, how did God's prophet Isaiah stack up? How do you see yourself compared to God's holiness?

2. Separation. Isa 59:2. Do you ever feel separated from God? What separates us from God? 

3. So often we ask God why? We ask how? We ask when? But perhaps the best question is who? Discuss...who is God? Who is the Messiah?

4. Read Isaiah 53 as a group. Who is this passage about? What did He do to rescue us? 

5. Read Isaiah 45:22-23. How does Isaiah say we are to respond to a God who saves? Have you responded to the truth of the gospel?


Moving Forward

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