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Route 66 Daily Readings

Route 66 Group Discussion Guide

Series: Route 66

Sermon: Job

Date: July 20, 2014


Key Bible Passages:



Discussion Questions


1. Satan accuses Job for following God only because of the blessings God had given him. So, Satan says “take it all away” and Job will no longer trust you God. Is it Biblical to serve and follow God in hope of earthly blessings? Discuss.


2. In times of suffering have you ever struggled to hold on to your integrity? Share your story.


3. Behind the scenes of Job’s story was a more grand story, the story of God. Tell about a time when you came to grips with the reality that life is not all about you and your story. How does this perspective help you handle difficult times?


4. We often equate tragedy and hard times to this question, “God, what did I do to deserve this?” Are broken times in life always a result of our sin? Explain.


5. When Job questions God, God responds by not answering “why” but answering “who.” Have you ever asked God “why?” Discuss the idea that a better question may be to ask God “who are you God?” 


Moving Forward

In life’s tragic times, let’s be reminded to ask God for wisdom and to show us WHO He is during these times. Make a list of WHO God is this week so you can reference this list when trouble comes.