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Route 66 Daily Readings

Route 66 Group Discussion Guide

Series: Route 66

Sermon: Habakkuk

Date: November 16, 2014


Key Bible Passages:



Discussion Questions


1. Have you ever complained to God? What was your complaint?

2. Do you ever feel like God is being silent and idle in the middle of a world full of sin and injustice? Discuss.

3. God told Habakkuk that He was working His plan, but Habakkuk just didn't see it. In the middle of your circumstance, is it possible that God is doing something you don't understand or see? How can you use this truth to interpret life's events?

4. God has promised a day when all wrongs will be made right. What do we do in the meantime? How do our actions reveal who we are?

5. What does it look like to "live by faith?"


Moving Forward

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