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GroupLife: On-Campus Adult Bible Fellowship

GroupLife: Encourage. Belong. Care.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

We are committed to growing Down, Up, and Out.  And we believe we grow better together.  Whether you are single, newly married, married with kids, or an empty nester, we have a place for you to belong.  Group is a place we care and encourage one another.  Life is better connected!  For more information, contact us at

                                                                                                                                                         8am ▪ Seniors for Christ ▪ Ted Thompson ▪ M104 ▪ Married or Single; Age 55+                       Our teaching method is open discussion using Master Works study books.   This is a very close, sharing & loving class.  We enjoy several class outings throughout the year.  This fall we are exploring John 1-11.


9:15am ▪ Joy Seniors ▪  Rita Stutler  & David Lampkins ▪ M105 ▪  Married or Single; Senior Adults                                                                                                                                                We are senior men & women in all stages of life.  Couples, widows,divorced and singles come together to study God’s Word and havefellowship together.  We enjoy meals and gatherings during the week.  Everyone is invited to share ‘the joy’ with us!


9:15am ▪  Living316  ▪  Wayne Rawls  ▪  M104 Married or Single; All Ages                            Our class is mainly devoted to an in depth verse by verse study of scriptures which is flavored with group discussion and pertinent audio/video presentations.  Our goal is practical application of God’s Word to effect change in both our lives and in our world.  Every class is initiated with a sincere time of prayer.  All age groups are welcome as we believe it enhances our learning experience by utilizing each other’s wisdom and gifts.


9:15am ▪ Hutchens’ Class ▪ Stefan Hutchens ▪ M106 ▪ Married or Single; All Ages                               The emphasis of this class is to make the Bible come alive & make it as real as possible, verse by verse.  This fall we are answering the question, ‘Who is God?: The Character and Attributes of God.”


9:15am ▪  Extreme Makeover ▪ David Joseph ▪ M111 ▪ Married or Single; All Ages           Caring, sharing, praying and loving one another.  We teach God’s Word in a manner that draws us closer to God. We explore God’s Word verse by verse through open class discussion, and how we can apply scripture to our everyday life into the image of Christ. 


9:15am ▪ Doulos “Know to Grow” ▪ Randy Taylor ▪ M110 ▪ Married or Single; All Ages          We study the Bible verse by verse.  The Bible gives us the answers for today’s issues. All we need to do is apply scripture to our every day lives.  If you desire to grow deeper in your faith, come visit the “Know to Grow” Class!


9:15am ▪ Growing Saints ▪  Neal Cole ▪ M103 ▪ Married or Single; All Ages                          The teaching method used is lecture-discussion with the goal of making the lesson applicable to our life today.  Class members are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions during the lesson.  Everyone is welcome to pray, read scripture, and make comments, but no one will be called on   without the teacher receiving their approval by a private conversation before class.  The class uses Lifeway Explore the Bible series which covers one or two books of the Bible every three months.


10:30am ▪ Seasons of Life ▪ Edwina Key ▪ M105  Single Ladies                                              This class is for ladies who are single, widowed or divorced and want to get connected in a small group.  Many of us need friendship with other Christian women who are in the same season of life.  In this class, we will learn how to have a true relationship with our heavenly Father through   prayer, study and love of other Christian sisters.


9:15am & 10:30am ▪  Side by Side I & II  ▪ Tim Henson  ▪ M107 & M111  ▪ Married or Single; All Ages                                                                                                                                                              Our Bible study consists of verse by verse, in depth study of both the New Testament and Old.  We also set aside times for topical studies and open discussion.  Predominately, this class consists of lecture with open questions and discussion as the members choose.  We desire to know God, to glorify Him, and to grow into Biblically minded, obedient, fruit-bearing Christians who worship His majesty, walk in His holiness, and win the lost to His Son, Jesus Christ.


9:15am & 10:30am ▪ Married with Young Children ▪ Wes Spencer, Greg Wyatt & Brian York  ▪M108                                                                                                                                                  Our class desires to examine God’s Word with the purpose of better understanding God’s plan for us as parents.  We celebrate the joys of parenting while we also walk with each other through the challenges of  parenting.  In all we do, our hope is that parents are equipped and inspired to glorify God in their homes, church and community.



9:15am & 10:30am ▪ Reach One ▪ Marty Futrell ▪ M112 ▪ Married or Single; All Ages               This class is a fun and simple in-depth look at the truth of His word.  We enjoy a verse by verse, interactive study for adults of all ages who are  looking for new friends &  opportunities as we study the Bible.  Join us as we grow closer to God & each other as we study together.


9:15am ▪  God’s Special People I & II ▪  Gary & Jackie Hineson & Glenda Covey ▪ M101 & M102 ▪ Special Needs                                                                                                                 G.S.P. consists of adults with special needs.  This class encourages individuals who are developmentally disabled by teaching Bible basics.  For more information, call Glenda Covey at 270-759-9305 or email