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Community Connections

To access the online picture directory, go to  If you have not registered for the website, please email for your login information. 


Please note: Our online directory is a secure website and access is given to regular attendees & members only.


We have divided the church by elementary school districts.  The elementry school disctrict in which you live is your 'community connection' at HBC.  Please remember that your district is the school district you live in and will not necessarily be where your children go to school.  For example, your child may go to East Calloway, but you live in the Southwest Calloway district.  Southwest Calloway would be your district.

We have developed a website on which information is posted regarding your community.  If there is a birth, death, illness or other need, you can log onto the website and have details about visitations, funeral arrangements, hospital rooms, etc. 


1. To access the website, email with your email address.  You will receive a confirmation email with your login information.


2. As soon as you receive your login information, go to


3. Enter in your email address and password.


4. Click on Add Entry at the top of the page.


5. Enter in information and click Submit.


6. If you need to post a comment to information already left by another community member, click on Comments at the bottom of the entry.


Please commit to checking your community website!  There may be weeks when you will have nothing posted, but make a committment to check it regularly so that you do not miss a blessing.  You will discover that as you give of yourself, you are the one that really receives. 


As HBC continues to grow, each of us must resolve to grow personally...up, down, and out!!


If you have any questions about the Community Connection Ministry at HBC, email Celisa at