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About Us

Our History

A Brief History

"On the morning of October 22, 1893, a large congregation met at the Baptist Church at 11am to listen to a sermon on the church question by Reverend Martin Ball of Fulton, KY.  After which the dedication prayer was offered by Elder N.S. Castleberry of Murray, KY.  The congregation was dismissed by Reverend J.D. Outland with the understanding that we meet at 4pm to organize a Baptist Church." 

Bro. Ricky Cunningham

"Bro. Ricky Cunningham & his wife, Celisa, came to Hardin on May 8, 1983.  He had surrendered to preach about two years earlier in a revival at Hardin.  He states that he fought with God so hard through the entire service not to make him preach.  He said that night, if I am supposed to preach, then let the invitation be 'I Surrender All.'  No sooner that he said this did the song leader stand up and call out 'I Surrender All.'  He answered his calling..."

The Building

"The church building was originally constructed in 1893, made of wood, painted white.  It stood on ground donated by Hardin Davenport Irvan and John Thomas Irvan.  Four Sunday school rooms were added soon after the turn of the century.  In the front was a little platform with a big, pot-bellied, coal-buring stove that blocked the view of the preacher.  The church bell, hung in the hallway, marked the beginning of Sunday school."